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Healthy Paws vs Petplan

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Compare Healthy Paws and Petplan Pet Insurance Policies

Updated July 1, 2020

When comparing Healthy Paws to Petplan, consider several items including Petplan's annual limits on claim payouts, and choosing between annual or per-condition deductibles.

What to Consider Healthy Paws Sample Policy Petplan Sample Policy
No limits on any plans: no per-incident, annual or lifetime caps on payouts.
Deductible Type Annual Annual or Per condition depending on the plan selected
Customer Rating at 4.9 (out of 5)
July 1, 2020
4.4 (out of 5)
July 1, 2020
   Included            Not included or some exclusions

Coverage is subject to the language of the policies as actually issued. The comparison contained herein was prepared solely by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance based upon good faith, objective reading of the language of the basic policy forms and/or endorsements and highlights selected coverages of the policies referenced as of July 1, 2020 and is subject to change without notice. To receive the latest information about PetPlan's available plans, please visit their website.

Limits on Claim Payouts
PetPlan allows customers flexibility in customizing deductibles, reimbursement percentages and benefit limit combinations. Petplan's annual claim payout amounts range from $2,500 to unlimited. There are also choices of deductibles that range from $250 to $1,000.

With advances in pet medical care, veterinary bills can easily exceed those limits, leaving a pet parent with a large amount to pay. Healthy Paws has one simple plan that provides you and your pet with no maximum payout limits; no per incident, annual or lifetime caps on payouts. Additionally, all of the Healthy Paws policy deductibles are annual.

Healthy Paws offers an easy-to-understand plan that covers new accidents and illnesses. Our customers agree and have given Healthy Paws great rating at Consumers Advocate, Canine Journal, and many more review sites.

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This information is provided as a helpful pet insurance comparison guide between Healthy Paws and Petplan. Plans change on occasion and we recommend that all pet parents complete their own research.